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Story and Tradition

City by the sea and from the sea itself cames its name.  Fortified by mighty sixteenth-century walls and  towers, is placed in an environment of great value that  includes the Natural Park of Porto Conte and Marine  Reserve of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. The Old Town, with  its architecture, its picturesque streets, looks like a  little jewel set in the Land of Sardinia. Its origins date  back, to the tradition, to the twelfth century when it  was founded by the noble family of Genoa, The Doria.  Conquered later by Catalano-Aragonese, still keeps the  spoken and the traditions. It’s a municipality with a  territory rich in historic and archaeological witness of  the most important of the Mediterranean. A visit to  Alghero is not a simple hike, the trail is quite a journey  rich in history and charm.





Alghero has a varied natural landscape, from sandy  beaches to rocky cliffs with flat or very jagged: is  especially appreciated the view from the sea, as it  manages to capture the diversity of its coast mixed  vegetation, the typical Mediterranean Scrub and the  pine forest, which often acts as a contour; much appreciated for its landscape is the promontory of Capo Caccia, with his now famous cliff in the shape of  a sleeping giant that has become a symbol of Alghero,  along with the precious red coral. The area of Capo  Caccia with the nearby Isola Piana and the Gulf of  Porto Conte is a site of primary natural interest, which  was recently formed the Natural marine protected area  “Capo Caccia-Isola Piana”.





Sport & Leisure


To see the best scenery and magnificent views of the Catalan City, local businesses offer tourists a wide range of leisure sports activities and  entertainment including:

Bathing establishments where you can enjoy a fantastic sun and relax and practise many relaxing activities such as paddleboats, canoe, etc...

Diving & Sailing | Excursions and boat rental for all lovers of the sea and the underwater world