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Story and Tradition

City by the sea and from the sea itself cames its name. Fortified by mighty sixteenth-century walls and towers, is placed in an environment of great value that includes the Natural Park of Porto Conte and Marine Reserve of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. The Old Town, with its architecture, its picturesque streets, looks like a little jewel set in the Land of Sardinia.

Its origins date back, to the tradition, to the twelfth century when it was founded by the noble family of Genoa, The Doria. Conquered later by Catalano-Aragonese, still keeps the spoken and the traditions. It’s a municipality with a territory rich in historic and archaeological witness of the most important of the Mediterranean. A visit to Alghero is not a simple hike, the trail is quite a journey rich in history and charm.

A path that winds between the ciutat vella (old city) and the territory, a large open air museum, a space in constant motion and transformation. You can choose to move freely within it, walking in the streets and alleys of the oldest walled city that still retain their simple, original, inner appearance.

But to fully enjoy the suggestions offered by architectural monuments, archaeological sites and beautiful and unexpected views and landscapes we suggest you drive by the experts of the museum that will accompany you in the rediscovery of the invaluable pages of the memory of the city. Location, architecture, people, language, the scents will be able to engage you in a unique experience.