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Why Algheroholidayrentals ?


Rent Holiday Apartments in Alghero. An holiday apartment to rent in a city like Alghero can give the opportunity to interact with catalan people and discover more about their culture / traditions / way of living.


1- Cook by yourself : Cooking in one of the holiday apartments for rent on algheroholidayrentals.com is way for not depending on restaurants (that in Alghero indeed should be triedat least sometimes), for this reason all our holiday apartments have fully equipped kitchens at disposal of our guests. Moreover buying products in the local markets of Alghero (always pointed out by us) you will have the chance to improve the knowledge of the foreign customs and typical recipes.


2- Charm and uncommon atmosphere for your Accommodation : You'll never find two apartments to book similar in the centre of Alghero (think about an hotel that has the same rooms). Each area is full of its own traditions including of course building's historic design and original architectural features. It's actually like living the life of someone else for a short period by starting from a unique accommodation in Alghero.


3- Choose to travel in small groups of 6 -10 people: If you decide to live together in a single home (We also have apartments available in the same or adjacent buildings) the apartment(s) is still one of the best solutions.The owners usually apply also discounts for small groups to 10-20% depending on the season.


4- Cheap Prices by renting an apartment: By sharing an holiday apartment for rent in Alghero you can save some money respect to an hotel room without loosing the quality and the comfort of your accommodation and at the same time with the additional charm of an historic place granted by Algheroholidayrentals selection for your staying in Alghero.


In summary it's better to choose an apartment for your holidays instead of a 4 stars Hotel...the price is lower and experience is great. We warmly suggest our guests to give us their preferences and requirements not only in terms of location, type of apartment, type of rental, number of bedrooms, but also in terms of places, events…